Minecraft – the mystery of the picture solved after months of searching

This is what the mountain known from Minecraft looks like. Screen posted on Twitter by SalC1.

One of the great Minecraft puzzles has been solved. This is another example of a mystery uncovered by fans thanks to their persistence and persistence. This time we got to know the location of the mountain known from pack.png.

Youtuber SalC1 started the search for seed. At the beginning of the year, he published a video in which he tells the story of graphics appearing in Minecraft Java Edition. He managed to find out in which version of the game the world with the mountain was created. However, this is the only thing he has found out. He repeatedly hit dead ends and wanted to abandon the project. However, he decided to record a video and invite other fans to cooperate.

In June this year, youtuber published a video informing about the progress. Thanked for the huge support of players … and creators. Notch got interested in the project and joined the Discord channel dedicated to the search, but unfortunately was unable to answer the questions that were troubling the community.

Players spent many hours locating the mountain’s location. The arrangement of clouds and the direction of the water were analyzed. Why? Clouds in Minecraft are generated from repeating textures, and the water texture does not rotate. Thanks to this, the approximate location of the hill was established. The next step was to create replicas of the image in-game. However, it turned out to be impossible, because the graphics were made in low resolution (128×128 pixels). Therefore, the help of artificial intelligence was necessary. The leader of the Seed Reverse Engineering Team – EarthComputer – created a mod that took screenshots of the terrain generated by the game. The modification was made available to the players involved in the action. After collecting 1.7 million screenshots, the artificial intelligence “improved” the quality of the original image. In this way, the builders were able to refine the replica.

The developers’ work was the next step. The image has been divided into parts. Some elements interfered with finding the grain, while others did not. For example, a stream of water, positioned quite unusual for this version of Minecraft, in a high place, was one of the factors that allowed further exploration. Without him, the mystery could remain unsolved.

The aforementioned EarthComputer shared the good news on Saturday. Alpha version 1.2.2., Grain 3257840388504953787, x = 49, z = 0. This is where the mountain from pack.png is located. A group of players went to watch the top and recorded a video that was shared on YouTube.

Youtuber SalC1 confirmed on his Twitter the end of the search. In other tweets, he noted that a video summarizing many months of work will appear on his channel soon.

The last few weeks are great for discovering the secrets of Minecraft. Will we hear more about unraveled mysteries, or is that all there is to the cubic world?

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