Minecraft’s next big update, Caves & Cliffs, is coming in summer 2021

Caves & Cliffs will be the next big update for Minecraft.

Announced during this weekend’s Minecraft Live event, the update will be available in summer 2021. Microsoft has acknowledged that it is a longer term than usual, and that this year there will be no major update for Christmas.

“This is a huge, feature-rich update with something for everyone, and we are excited to release it on all supported platforms next summer,” stated in Mojang. “Due to the large size of the update, the team needs more time to work on it than usual, which is why there will be no traditional game update this Christmas.

As you can deduce from the name, the caves will be the main protagonists of this update. There will be new resources, such as copper, and other elements such as glass geodes, which allow making objects such as telescopes. The caves will have different sizes and shapes, and will have both stalactites and stalagmites.

Mojang has also talked about a new archeology system, which will allow you to discover buried artifacts. And of course, new enemies will be introduced, like the Warden.

In regards to Minecraft Dungeons, Microsoft has announced a new free update and a third paid DLC.

Howling Peaks will add a new biome, a new boss, and more missions, enemies, and items. The free update, to be released at the same time, will add the “Apocalypse Plus” mode with twenty new difficulty levels, as well as new unique items and spells.

The event also showed the long-awaited cross-platform Minecraft Dungeons game, which has been promised to finally be available later this year.