MIUI 12 will soon allow to change the aspect of multitasking in Xiaomi and its Alpha version shows it to us

The layers of the different manufacturers are constantly evolving and their changes are more appreciated than those of the operating system itself, since they are introduced more frequently during the year. MIUI is one of the layers that receives the most updates and it seems that in MIUI 12 changes are coming very soon.

According to XDA Developers, changes are already being prepared in MIUI 12 that appear advanced in the beta version of the layer and have not yet been released for the rest of Xiaomi users. And among these changes, the most striking is the change in appearance of multitasking although we can choose the design that we like the most.

Horizontal multitasking

So far, multitasking on MIUI 12 is completely vertical. When we press the button to access it or go to the native screen gesture, the open apps are displayed in two columns and we can move up and down the screen until we choose the one we want to open next. Now, MIUI multitasking, the Recent section, prepare changes.

As indicated in the latest beta version of MIUI 12, an option will be introduced in the configuration of the home screen called “Order items in Recents” or “Arrange items in Recents” that will allow us choose between the classic multitasking that we have already described or a horizontal multitasking, which will show an open app per page and will allow us to scroll left and right to find the app we are looking for.

In addition to this change, others are introduced such as a new Gaussian blur for the system and some bug fixes related to the operation of the layer, as well as some retouched animations. All this is being tested in the version of MIUI Launcher Alpha v4.21.0.2425-10261728 and will eventually reach the version available to everyone.