MIUI V4, a facelift in its interface to release Ice Cream Sandwich

When the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich came out the Scottish team of MIUI went to work to bring us a ROM based on this new version, MIUI and with the interface of the popular ROM China. Although there were some things that did not work to this day fully functional.

However that ROM It was only the first step of the plan that you have MIUI with this new version of Android. As we see on the official website, the developers are already working on MIUI V4, a new version that, in addition to having Ice Cream Sandwich, will bring us a remodeled interface.

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As you can see in the images the interface has been simplified and it has been chosen to eliminate the rounded edges and circles. This new version will release a cleaner interface full of straight lines that give a much more polished look.

We can also see different changes in some basic applications such as the image gallery or the menu that allows us to jump from one application to another quickly. Personally changes I find them very attractive, have managed to improve an interface that is already spectacular and intuitive, despite the fact that in some large-screen terminals it leaves a little to be desired.

At the moment it seems that in order to test this new version we will have to wait a bit. Seeing how the original team and its international developers work, we may enjoy this ROM shortly. In addition, I have no doubt that we will enjoy it in Spanish thanks to the work that the team of MIUI Spain.

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