Mobius Final Fantasy: Crossover event with Final Fantasy 10 started

Square Enix is ​​celebrating the second anniversary of Mobius Final Fantasy.

On the occasion of this there is a crossover event with Final Fantasy 10. In the course of this, you summon Tidus as a hero and complete bonus quests.

The following content is planned until November 30th:

  • Continuation of the story of Final Fantasy X – “Dream within a Dream – Prologue” is available from August 1st, “Dream within a Dream – Episode 1” from August 15th.
  • New Ultimate Heroes – Players can summon Tidus. Yuna joins as a heroine in September.
  • New Auron Job – As of today, another job is available, Legendary Guardian.
  • New Rikku Job – Al Bhed Huntress, a new legendary job, will be released in September.
  • New Supreme Card – “Sin: FFX”
  • FFX Blitzball Ranking Event – Professional players can take part in this event and climb the leaderboards for special rewards.
  • In-Game Bonuses – All players who log in will receive the Tidus & Yuna: FFX card and an exclusive weapon.

There is also the following content for the two-year anniversary:

  • Login Bonus – Players who log in in August will receive up to 14 free Summon Tickets and two Growstars.
  • Mobius Week – Players will receive daily bonuses through August 13th.
  • Welcome Back Campaign – Get your friends back into the game to get great rewards such as free summons.
  • Ultimate Heroes & Supreme Card – For a limited time, all players who purchase 12,000 or more mgicite will receive two Supreme Tickets and 240 Ability Tickets.
  • VIP Mode – All players who purchase 1,500 magicite qualify for VIP mode. This guarantees unique boosts for 30 days.
  • The first EX job, Ascetic, will be available on August 11, 2018. EX Jobs are an exclusive innovation from Mobius Final Fantasy.