Mod brings Battle Royale with 64 players to Doom II

While many believed that the Battle Royale “fever” would only hit future games, the internet is there to prove that there are no limits to the genre. A mode launched for Doom II – the same one from 1994 – allows up to 64 players (and 8 bots) to participate in games where only one person will make it out alive.

To make this possible, three maps from the original game were “stitched” to create a scenario large enough to accommodate so many players. As in Fortnite and PUBG, the map gradually decreases its limits and all available items and equipment appear at random.

According to the Bambamalicious modder, the current version of the Doom II mod is only a “proof of concept” and changes could happen in the future. He even tried to put more than 32 bots on the map, but failed to do so at the moment – something attributed to his worrying lack of RAM at the time. Click here to check out more details about Doom Royale (with Cheese) and download what you need to test the experience on your own.