Mod de Star Wars: Battlefront II coloca Fall Guys contra Among Us

Jelly beans are Rebel Alliance while Impostors assume role of Empire

Two of the most popular games of 2020, Fall Guys e Among Us finally they can face each other … In Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Thanks to the user TigerVenom22 (via youtuber commission ToastedShoes), the multiplayer shooter inspired by the interplanetary saga can now also be the scene of intense battles between the jelly beans of Fall Guys and the masked figures of Among Us.

The side of Rebel Alliance is represented by Fall Guys, who have strengths from figures with traditional looks, through special clothes like hamburgers, fries and the dreaded pigeon, even … a jujube with the face of Mr. Bean; Among Us replaces the forces of Empire, entitled to equivalent figures from Darth Vader, General Grievous and Emperor Palpatine.

To check out the mod, just download it from the website Nexus Mods . It is also recommended that modifying Fall Guys Hero Overhaul also be installed in the game.