Mod Harry Potter for Minecraft took 7 years to finish

Since 2011 we haven’t had a new Harry Potter game and for some fans, this is unacceptable.

While waiting for a new game to arrive, a group of fans decided to direct their passion for Minecraft and create an impressive mod inspired by Harry Potter.

Built by a team called The Floo Network, this mode is based on the huge map of the Hogwarts school, but recreations of other locations in this universe are being prepared.

The Ministry of Magic, Hogsmeade and King’s Cross Station will also be added to the mod, which even intends to give you access to a part of central London for exploration.

The Floo Network folks introduced more than the locals, introduced spells, wands, NPCs, missions and even boss fights.

Speaking with IGN in the UK, the main person responsible for the project says that its current form is two years old, but it is based on a previous map of Hogwarts and the first works started 7 years ago.

The mod is not yet available to the public and the video says only that it will arrive soon, but you can follow the progress through Discord, but for that, you will need to support it through your Patreon.