You wouldn’t make fun of an Odogaron (even a badass high-level who grounded you and your team over and over until you all realized that this demonic little dog was never going to be beaten) because you simply wouldn’t. . It’s a question of respect, isn’t it? And the many creatures of Monster Hunter World, from the modest Kula-Ya-Ku to some of the most majestic and eldest dragons, they certainly demand your reverence.

This, in the blink of an eye, takes us to the heart of what makes Monster Hunter so special. So many comparisons have already been made between Capcom’s loot-and-grinding co-op adventure and a certain shared-world shooter whose name you may have heard around, but it’s more enlightening to observe where Monster Hunter stands out from the rest. Considering the outfits Destiny 2 has been wearing since launch, maybe even developers like Bungie would do better to study those differences.

The history of online games for high-budget consoles has, in recent history, been told mostly through controversy; the problems unearthed by the players, the users who felt used by the developers and the resulting strange squabble between the two groups. It was fascinating, really, and part of the appeal of the original Destiny lay in being at the forefront of this battle, which, however, always seemed playful by nature. Destiny 2 has seen this battle become more cynical, though, (mostly, it would seem, due to Bungie’s lack of transparency) which implies I stopped playing it long ago and don’t feel the need to go back.

Seeing Monster Hunter being embraced in the West as well – finally – and seeing a new audience approach the series, it’s clear that the game manages to satisfy those same desires of those who have an appetite for loot and shared adventures. Still, Monster Hunter is a game with little controversy. This may probably be due to the fact that the series has a long history and therefore can present itself in front of a new audience without the embarrassment of having to highlight its own growth.

Over the course of the 13 years the formula has been sculpted into a shape that comes close to perfection, although, it must be said, Monster Hunter is already largely formed on its PlayStation 2 debut. all you need to know), excellently executed and everything that has happened to the series over the years is about beautifying the heart of the game and, in the masterstroke of Monster Hunter World, making that myth more accessible.

That doesn’t mean Monster Hunter is accessible. Even with all the work that has gone into making World more approachable, it’s still a game that demands a lot from its players. You will have to learn the timing and optimal positioning of all 14 weapons present; you will have to learn the various movements, when to strike and when not to strike; you will have to prepare for meetings that last no less than 20 minutes, a time that may seem short on paper, but which can feel like a lifetime (or even two) when you consider that modern games tend to base their experience on instant gratification. Later in the game, as you get to and pass the higher levels, you’ll need to start chasing the full sets of armor, abilities and bonuses as well as some of the more arcane systems that have built up over time. Furthermore, you will also have to contend with an online that is a few steps behind modern standards.

It is a game that has its own whims that demand your respect, in short, but at the same time you will receive the same respect back. In fact, even the youngest and most inexperienced player is given consideration and, no matter what your skill level, Monster Hunter is basically a learning game and you will find many willing teachers on your way. The Monster Hunter community is a real gift to the series and if you’re looking for mentors, there’s no better place online than gaijin or Arekkz hunters offering extensive tutorials and more.

Even without turning to YouTube, in Monster Hunter you are never too far from a helping hand: instead of controversy you will find a family. Monster Hunter, despite the high level of challenge and wild beasts, is an exceptionally friendly game. Probably the reason lies in the road to maturity that the series has traveled on portable consoles, where it was designed to be played shoulder to shoulder with friends. The same affable nature is now incorporated into the design itself: running through the Astera area in Monster Hunter World is like receiving a warm and friendly hug, so welcoming and joyful.

And it’s welcoming because, in the world of Monster Hunter, we’re all in the same boat. It’s us against them (where they are the mighty brutes you’ll find beyond the hub gates). And monsters, above all, are the real stars of Monster Hunter: exquisitely designed, often treacherous to meet, imbued with life and personality. Features that are sometimes difficult to notice in other high-budget games.

Here’s why you wouldn’t make fun of an Odogaron – they are creatures that must be dealt with on their own terms and there is a kind of dignity that can be found and that is all too rare in the segment that Monster Hunter is now in. And perhaps this is precisely what needs to be extrapolated. Monster Hunter World is the online festival (done right) of high budget loot and that deserves respect.