It seems that the process of “Globalization” that has suffered the Monster Hunter saga with the new Monster hunter world it has been successful. Thus, Capcom has announced that the new game of the franchise has left its facilities more than 5 million times in the three days the game has been on sale.

Monster Hunter World landed last Friday the 26th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in a few months it will be released on PC.

Before continuing, you must specify that Capcom has distributed and sent these 5 million units to retail stores and department stores… But that has to coincide with the official sales data. But even so, the prognosis is quite favorable for the oriental company, since the level of production has been quite high, according to the predictable demand.

In this sense, the title debuted at number 1 on the UK charts, “Bursting” literally all the records, thus registering the highest sales week of any game in the well-known series to date. As many of you know, the last Monster Hunter title was Monster Hunter Generations that came to Nintendo 3DS in 2016. This game, managed to reach # 3 on the UK charts.

As the developers told us in the Monster Hunter World presentation event in our country, the studio’s pretensions were to make a game accessible to everyone and that could be played by users around the world. At the moment, it seems that the play it has turned out quite well.

These data are already impressive enough, but they are more remarkable if we consider that Monster Hunter World is yet to be released on PC, a platform played by millions and millions of players. In theory, until the autumn season we will not see the game running at maximum quality in our Desktop or laptop PCsTherefore, we will have to wait a few months to estimate the total sales success of the new Monster hunter world.

What do you think of Monster Hunter World? Have you already tried it?