After several months of waiting and a series of important beta-level events to test first hand, Monster Hunter World has officially landed on PS4 and Xbox One, intriguing both veterans and all those who have never approached the franchise. Capcom.

Precisely for this reason, the guide could attract the attention of both the most experts and those who do not know absolutely anything about this universe and who are not familiar with mechanics and features considered basic or even discounted by veterans. In any case, we will continue to expand with new contents a guide in continuous growth with new insights on the elements of greatest interest in the production.

On this main page we will reveal the key elements of the game and we will not fail to enrich everything with several interesting tips for every palate. Welcome to the wonderful universe of Monster Hunter World.

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Monster Hunter World: some details on the plot, setting and gameplay

Probably the Monster Hunter franchise will not be remembered for its narrative quality but Monster Hunter World tries to propose a more important and articulated central story than in the past. Here is the official synopsis proposed by Capcom:

“Every ten years, the elder dragons migrate to the New World, making what is called” the crossing of the elders. “To shed light on this strange phenomenon, the Guild has decided to form a research commission, whose members are sent periodically to the new continent through fleets of ships. On board the Fifth Fleet, sent in pursuit of the colossus Zorah Magdaros, we meet the protagonist of this story, a hunter who is about to embark on the greatest journey of his life “.

All for a longevity that ranges between 40 and 50 hours without considering the many secondary contents already offered by the game and the free updates that will be launched in the coming months.

As for the gameplay, Monster Hunter World remains a third-person action with RPG elements that places a clear emphasis on crafting and, of course, on hunting with a good dose of strategy and analysis of the behaviors and peculiarities of the prey. The fact that the game world is decidedly more open than in the past with different territories and biomes that come together seamlessly is a welcome novelty while at a purely gameplay level, one of the most important features is represented by the Scoutflies. It is a kind of swarm of fireflies that indicate the location of the creature we are hunting. A feature that had fueled several doubts but which on balance is well implemented and proves to be an overall successful choice.

Monster Hunter World: types of quests and activities

The world of Monster Hunter World is characterized by different types of quests and more or less important activities in the economy of the main adventure. Some of these activities are found on the Quest Board and others in the Resource Center.

Here are the various types of activities:

Main Quests – These are obviously the main story quests whose completion will advance the storyline by unlocking new areas and giving you the ability to hunt new creatures.

Optional QuestsOptional hunts, arena battles and quests where eggs have to be stolen. They can be obtained in different ways, both in the city and during Expeditions.

Expeditions – Activities selectable from the game world map, allow you to enter any area without having a mission to accomplish. An opportunity to discover the area and collect resources. Monsters that appear are unpredictable so Investigations are recommended to hunt specific creatures.

Investigations – These are quests that can fail in all respects but which generally offer better rewards and are very suitable especially for hunting a specific monster.

Events – Limited missions that are based on particular initiatives such as the one linked to Horizon Zero Dawn just to give an example.

Bounties – Non-monster activities that focus on finding a certain amount of bugs or types of items.

Deliveries – Similar to Bounties but closer to fetch quests where you need to get a steep amount of items. Completing them can lead to unlocking unique items such as fields.

Monster Hunter World: Tips for Newbies and Veterans

While this new chapter of the series has at least a handful of obviously unique features, it cannot be denied that having a certain smattering from previous titles is important to approach the hunt for the most disparate creatures. Below we will propose some tips more or less suitable for all players. The game is more accessible than in the past but certainly not immediate and shallow.


  • Prepare yourself a good meal before a fight. Especially those who do not know the game in all its mechanisms could ignore this aspect but it is one of the most important preparations. Very important buffs are obtained by granting the character various benefits in terms of health, attack, and other improvements. Bringing some food while hunting will also be very helpful.
  • Preparing the equipment is equally crucial. Carry potions, ammo, herbs and anything else you may need.
  • Try different weapons: there are 14 types of weapons and, while it is certainly important to vary on certain occasions and with certain enemies, there will certainly be tools of death that are more in your strings and more suited to your style of play. Try each alternative to find the one that best suits your palate.
  • Always sharpen your weapon when needed. Always. This is something easily forgotten but very important otherwise the attacks will be less effective in terms of damage and accuracy. Of course it is necessary to do this in a moment of relative calm.
  • Take advantage of the Scoutflies , a new feature that leads to the position of the creatures present in the game world. It is, in short, a way to track your prey. Before “kicking off” the Scoutflies it will still be necessary to find some footprints or other “markers” such as feathers. Once done you can follow the Scoutflies.
  • For each fight, take a good amount of time as failures, except for extremely lucky cases, are constantly around the corner and almost inevitable.
  • Get in the habit of using a handful of attempts just to study your prey, to understand its weaknesses and strengths, to understand which path it takes and whether or not there are areas where you could take advantage of the environmental advantages. Only after this phase of study is it advisable to actually start attacking.
  • Carefully learn the route from your camp to the area where the object of your hunt is located. Inevitably it will be a path that you will have to travel on more than one occasion.
  • Leaving a fight is a solution not to be ignored if time is running out and you know that you absolutely will not be able to do it. Do not waste even a second on a fight that is now certainly compromised.
  • Be patient. The clashes are deliberately long and / or difficult and without a healthy dose of patience you can only find yourself frustrated in the face of yet another failure. Failure is an integral part of the experience and dramatically increases your knowledge of the enemy and game mechanics.
  • Take care of your partner as the Palico is essential for several reasons, especially in the early stages of the adventure and for those who do not have much experience with the game yet. Improving his equipment is also very important. By doing so, you will not have to constantly worry about his health.
  • If you play with a group you understand your role even if it is not always easy to succeed, especially with other players chosen by matchmaking. Having someone who attacks from a distance, someone who deals with traps and someone who deals with close range attacks is very important.
  • Mastering all the ins and outs of a single monster and farming materials from it could be very helpful. You could, for example, create a complete set for your armor and in a game of this type the search for equipment that is as beautiful to look at as it is effective is crucial.
  • Use smaller creatures like insects to your advantage. There are insects that can heal and yellow mushrooms that when kicked towards a monster create a kind of dazed state. Don’t underestimate the smaller creatures and the perks the game world puts in front of your nose.


  • After each mission, go back to town and learn what is a kind of routine. Visit the Resource Center to register bounties and other completed missions, go to the blacksmith to check out the equipment and possible upgrades, check out the question marks to collect various missions, and take care of your inventory management.
  • No levels for the character but the upgrades are there as you get research points for each completed hunt or even just to find traces. Completing missions, on the other hand, increases the Monster Rank allowing you to attempt more difficult missions. At the same time, your pets and companions can level up. The progression, despite the lack of typical RPG elements, is there and how.
  • When you are not in a quest, carefully explore and analyze the game world. This is a very important situation because you are under much less pressure and because you can get information about creatures and items that are important for crafting.
  • Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the impressive amount of objects you will encounter during your adventures. Even if you do not find a possible use for something you have found there is absolutely no problem since the amount of systems and mechanics that intersect in this title are many and a neophyte certainly will not be able to immediately know everything by heart. Trying to learn the usefulness of go-objects and plunging headlong into the complexity of Monster Hunter is certainly part of the game but not a must. A “lighter” approach is certainly possible (much more than in the past) and fun even for the less accustomed to the franchise.
  • Play every day to get Tickets. These tickets can be used for a bet on a quest which, if completed, guarantees twice as much Zenny (the in-game money) obtainable. You can only keep a maximum of five tickets at the same time so use them with confidence.