Capcom is holding a Monster Hunter World event right now and commenting on several new features from Iceborne, the first and gigantic expansion of the game. The team revealed details of the new map, unpublished monsters and more. Iceborne is due for release on September 6, 2019 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will arrive at the end of the year, but without a certain date.

A new history and unprecedented map

According to the developers, Iceborne will have a completely new story that takes place right after the end of the main game. Remember that Monster Hunter World: Inceborne is not a loose DLC and you must have Monster Hunter World to play.

The new Iceborne area is called Hoarfrost Forest and will be a very large expanded map, but the size or any comparison with the other scenarios of the game has not been revealed. Because it is a snowy scenario, players will have new visual effects, difficulties walking on piles of ice and will need to drink Hot Drink to pass the negative effects of the cold (or bathe in the hot springs of the area).

Master Rank, the G Rank of Monster Hunter World

Capcom has finally revealed something fans have been asking for since the launch of Monster Hunter World: G Rank, which is now called Master Rank, the ultimate difficulty of the series.

So far, only the Tempered and Arch Tempered monster missions, which brought new moves, rewards and armor.

Finally: new monsters

As expected, Iceborne will have new unpublished monsters and some returnees from the series. For now, Capcom has revealed only four creatures: Banbaro, Beotodus, Nargacuga and Velkhana.

Banbaro, from Monster Hunter World

Banbaro is a moose-like herbivore, using its giant horns to grab everything in its path and throw it at players, like trees and rocks. Beotudos is another monster with a cold environment and nothing beneath the layers of snow; in addition, Beotodus has territorial fights with Banbaro.

Nargacuga is a classic creature from the series that was introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The animal will have several blows from the past, but reserves some surprises and will have more integration into the scenario, bringing the territorial fight and ecological elements included in Monster Hunter World.

Nargacuga returns

Last but not least, we have Velkhana, an ancient dragon that has ice as its element. However, few details have been revealed about it so far and more news will come in the future.


Lots of new gameplay and combat balancing

Capcom also revealed that several elements of the Monster Hunter World combat system will gain additions or rebalances. Slingshots and items (like potions), for example, can be used while any weapon is drawn, something that was only possible with the Sword and Shield in the past.

The slingshot will gain new ammunition and utilities in the Iceborne expansion. Snow beetles will bring new ice ammunition, for example. But the highlight is two new items: the Clutch Claw and the Power Shot. The Clutch Claw is fired by the slingshot and causes players to throw a hook that takes the character to the monster, helping with the mount or even to direct them in a specific direction, helping to take them to traps and other locations.

Power Shot will be a combo method that combines heavy weapon blows, with the Great Sword, with a shot that can stop the actions of monsters. For example: after a heavy hit, using Power Shot can make a monster stunned, ideal for fitting loaded blows from Espadão.

All weapons will have news, but we will only see in the future

All weapons will have news. So far, only the example above, the Dual Sword and the Light Fuzilarco (Light Bowgun) had news revealed. Double Swords will be able to combine quick strikes with the Clutch Claw to cling to creatures and create new combos. Fuzilarco Leve can be reloaded while the player dodges and, if the same action is performed a second time, the player will have a sliding movement and an extra reload.

Iceborne price and new versions

As Iceborne will be an expansion for Monster Hunter World, there will be different ways to buy it. For game owners, there will be two different versions in digital stores that bring different types of bonuses and layer armor. For those who don’t have the game, Capcom will launch a version called Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition, which compiles both the game and the expansion in one package.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2019. The PC version is expected to arrive sometime later in the year.