Capcom’s decision to make the Monster Hunter series a little more accessible and available on the most powerful consoles on the market has brought good fruit to the developer. As part of its financial report for the years 2018 and 2019, the company revealed that Monster Hunter World has already become the best-selling game in its history, with more than 12 million units shipped to stores.

Capcom also revealed good results for Resident Evil 2 (4 million units shipped) and Devil May Cry 5 (2 million units), which are part of the “rebirth” it has been through recently. The good performance caused the company to report a pre-tax profit of US $ 164 million, an increase of 13% over the same period last year.

Healthy environment to retain talent

In the statement, the developer also reinforced its intentions to improve the work environment of its employees. The company says it will respect new labor laws that went into effect in April and which involve reducing overtime. “The company intends to improve and maintain the health of its employees by encouraging paid leave and by holding nine meetings of the health and safety committee every month.”

“The company intends to improve and maintain the health of its employees”

Capcom is also committed to creating facilities to receive employees’ children and to take initiatives that foster a corporate culture focused on job satisfaction as a way of retaining their talents. For the future, the company already reserves a version of the first Devil May Cry for the Switch and is expected to make some announcements during the Spring Blossom Festival event, scheduled for May 16.