Monster hunter world continues to give what to talk about day after day day. Yesterday we learned that the title has been the fastest-selling game by the Japanese company, Capcom, with 6 million copies distributed. But this is not all, since we have also known that a new patch and a new event will see the light soon.

From day one Xbox continues to give problems with the «matchmaking », but this new patch, the 1.05 on PS4 and the on Xbox One, solves most of these. Both are already available. In addition, the patch for the Sony console fixes the bug with the invitations to friends, allowing us to perfectly join their hunts and vice versa. And not only that, but it also includes the following changes:

  • The problem in selling jewelry from the trunk disappears.
  • Fixed the issue of some jewelry disappearing.
  • The berry content of the bag drops from 60 to 30.
  • Increased damage from armor piercing, normal and elemental ammunition (except Draco ammo).
  • Slashing ammo’s effect on other players is lowered, as is its damage.
  • When moving through the stages without fighting, the life bar disappeared. This has been corrected.
  • The mission of Tobi Kadachi (“Sparks Jump”) reappears on the board.

It also saw the light of an event with one of the monsters most loved by the public, the Kirin. This little elder dragon shaped like electric unicorn It will be more of a headache for hunters, as it has a very tough skin, very fast movements and the possibility of summoning rays at will. It is truly aggressive, you are warned. There is the event of Kirin and the event of double hunt with two of these dams to shoot down.

We hope that the problems with the online will continue to be polished, especially in the console Microsoft, and that more events and missions keep coming to our boards, thus increasing the playable experience with Capcom’s great title.