We do not get tired of Monster Hunter World, something that is very clear if you have visited our page in recent weeks due to the volume of articles on it. But apart from the fact that we are very hooked on the game they do not let us, since new information about events, patches and other family does not stop coming out.

The Monster Hunter World guide will go on sale on March 24 and will exceed 1000 pages.

In the Asian Amazon it is listed the official video game guide and it seems that we will not have to wait long to get it, since it will be officially released on dOn March 24 of this year. The price is 2916 yen, which is about 22 euros To the change. Yes, still it is not known if the guide will go west or if it will be translated, let’s hope so.

In this guide we will be able to know multiple sections about the game, such as the best way to exploit the Astera facilities, the best combat combinations with weapons, detailed data on each monster (location, weak points, materials …), history missions and investigations, weapons development trees, accessories, alchemical combinations, etc, plus a detailed map with the characteristics of each area, with its mineral deposits, bones and others. Really complete, a good accompaniment for every hunter.

As we told you a few lines ago, we don’t know if we can enjoy it but, in the meantime, if we have the official guide available from Capcom online. At least, if we could not see it on our shelf, we will always have this resource.

While we wait for the arrival of this Official guide of Capcom, you can delight yourself with our Monster Hunter World review. We loved the game, so we recommend that you watch it.