In this house we really like Monster hunter world, it is a fact. This week we didn’t have one if not two articles on it, the announcement of the new patch and event and the highly anticipated analysis of the Capcom title.

The title is available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, being a great sales success, and that has not yet come out for Pc, a version that was delayed for several months and does not yet have a release date. We only know that for fall of this year. Hopefully it won’t be delayed again and PC users can taste this wonderful game.

But not everything was going to be good news. According to him Chairman of Capcom, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, He recognized people’s interest in the title for the new Nintendo console, but that it is very different from the Sony and Microsoft desktop consoles. Basically, to release a game on Switch it must be programmed based on it.

On the one hand it is something that torments us, but on the other, we think it can be positive. There are many examples of disastrous ports from consoles to PC or vice versa, and something is clear to us: it is better not to get something than to get it wrong.

The idea of ​​recovering with Nintendo Switch the sensations experienced with the defunct Sony laptop, PSP, is wonderful. A Monster Hunter multiplayer anytime, anywhere would always be welcome. But for the moment it will be time to wait. Perhaps in the future the new Monster Hunter will return exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Who knows?