Monster Hunter World update adds Lunastra

The new free update for Monster Hunter World adds Elder Dragon Lunastra to the game. Capcom announced this via a trailer.

Lunastra was introduced during Monster Hunter 2. However, she has new abilities in Monster Hunter World. Lunastra is a bit more aggressive than her male counterpart Teostra and she also has the ability to change the environment.

During the fight, teamwork is very important, as she gets help from Teostra. Capcom therefore recommends hunting with experienced players.

Materials you get through Lunastra can be combined with the Bazelgeuse Gem to unlock the Guts skill. Items from Nergigante and Xeno’jiva also work in a special way with Lunastra’s materials.

This is what the equipment you make from Lunastra looks like.

The third free update also brings some changes to the Elder Dragon ecosystem. For example, Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons have been added to the game. According to Sander’s Monster Hunter World review, the game is monstrously good.