The second installment of commercial success Monster hunter world will go on sale for Play Station 4 and Xbox One on January 26. Not only this, this will be the first title to be launched globally for both platforms at the same time.

Capcom has revealed that it will also be available for PC in Fall 2018.

For those who are a little lost in the Monster Hunter universe: it is a living ecosystem in which players can interact with their environment and hunt epic beasts. An adventure based on missions, thanks to which they will be able to improve their skills as hunters and thus be able to dominate increasingly complex monsters.

Thanks to its diverse landscapes, immersed in large living ecosystems, and the inhabitants of the different regions, players will be completely immersed in the world of Monster Hunter.

The mechanics of the game

One of the fundamental points to take into account as a Monster Hunter player is being able to use, strategically, the environment that surrounds us. The goal of every player is therefore to venture into the various Game missions and defeat all the monsters that stand in your way to become the Ultimate Hunter.

Once immersed in the Monster Hunter world, players will be able to move freely through all the regions and areas of the map, and discover the different ecosystems that compose them. That is, each of them is characterized by the type of vegetation, wildlife or terrain.

In order to upgrade their equipment, hunters must defeat the various monsters in these areas, as well as collect as much loot from fallen enemies as possible.

In addition to completing missions individually, Monster Hunter World has several options for online multiplayer, so they can join with up to three more players in cooperative play. Not only this, the title has a new online functionality, drop-in, thanks to which the players who are playing alone may request assistance from other players during their missions when one – or several – opponents are too difficult to fight.

Finally, for the first time in the history of the saga, the Players from the western part of the globe will be able to interact with players from Japan.