More connection speed on more devices at the same time: this Xiaomi router with WiFi 6 costs only € 85

To enjoy a good Internet connection at home, it is not worth just having a service with high speed. Actually, it depends more on having a good infrastructure, and here the main element is, how could it be otherwise, the router. Forget that cheap router installed by the operator that gives you Internet. East Xiaomi gaming router it’s amazing. You will not have to spend a lot of money to have a router with a very powerful WiFi network capable of penetrating walls with less difficulty.

And is that the Xiaomi Mi Router AIoT AX3600 has everything you need. To begin with, it has the new WiFi 6, a new generation connection protocol that provides many advantages, such as higher speed, and a different way of managing connections, avoiding blockages that cause outages. But one of the keys for WiFi to reach this far is that it has six signal amplifiers that manages to expand the coverage area. For less than 85 euros you can buy this Xiaomi router on Aliexpress which is perfect to play with quality using a WiFi network.

These signal amplifiers They are nothing more than small chips integrated in the router that are responsible for processing the output signal before it goes to the antennas. In the end it’s simple, it takes more power to go further, and these amps take care of that. Two are dedicated to 2.4 GHz network and four others are dedicated to 5 GHz network.

He WiFi 6 improves the way of managing each of the connections. There is no longer a single queue to receive all the orders, which can cause a bottleneck to form at some point, but there are several lines of work and different Internet connection requests are managed at the same time.

Further, it has no less than 7 antennas, and although we know that this does not have to be an indication of quality either, the truth is that they do have an influence on the connection possibilities of the device.

All of this makes the router an ideal purchase for those who play video games using the WiFi network, or simply for those who want the connection to remain powerful despite moving away from the router and reaching the last corner of the house.

For less than 85 euros it is an essential purchase knowing the quality of the brand’s products, and that this Xiaomi Mi Router AIoT AX3600 it is the company’s flagship in terms of connectivity.