Mouse and keyboard support coming soon to Xbox One

A feature promised by Microsoft some time ago, mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One should reach Xbox Insider members in a matter of weeks. According to companies, it is up to companies to decide whether to bring the feature to their games and the way they will handle it – either by separating or integrating on the same servers people who use different controls.

“Each development team knows their titles well and we support them in creating the right experience for their games as they see fit,” said the company on its official blog. “Warframe is going to be one of the first titles to test the mouse and keyboard controls when the feature hits Insider in the coming weeks.”

Partnership with Razer

At first, most USB mice and keyboards should work on Xbox One, but Microsoft has announced a partnership with Razer to ensure that its products work on the console. The promise is that more details about this agreement will be released soon, but it is to be expected that we will soon see the launch of products made specifically for the platform.

On November 10, a new edition of Inside Xbox will go live to explain more details about what players should expect from the future of this feature. The company promises to be open to feedback from fans to make possible adjustments and create experiences that correspond to the will of its audience.