My First Mac, tips for getting started with a mac

My First Mac is an excellent page (in English) that offers tips and articles on how to get started in the Mac world.

Which mac to buy, where to find the best prices, how to become a switcher, the programs we can use, where to find help, etc. etc., all well organized by thematic categories and with a beautiful design. A highly recommended site for all those who are approaching a mac for the first time.

Among the articles that have caught my attention there are two particularly curious: The first is entitled 6 reasons to buy a PC instead of a Mac. I especially think it hits the spot with reason number 3: if you’re going to pirate all the software, then buy yourself a PC.

The second article is titled 5 Things to do after buying a Mac. The 5, all of them correct are: update the software, resize the dock, configure the secondary click of the mouse, install Flip4Mac and Firefox, and finally calibrate the battery if it is a laptop.

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