My Hero Academia – then comes season 4

Although we don’t know exactly when the Decks will return by day, the month is already there. Just let’s wait until then.

In the big festive preparations, we almost slipped over it, though the days revealed when My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia would return for the fourth season, which millions of fans are waiting for (not to mention the film version, which Legendary Entertainment produces).

The announcement was made on the official website: a promotional image confirmed that Season 4 of My Hero Academia is expected in October 2019. Here are:

The photo above shows the protagonist of the series, Izuku Midoriya (Deku), who, as the successor to All Might, has the brutal task of becoming the ultimate hero and protecting the world from scum like the League of Evils. Season 3 ended with Deku colliding with UA legendary student Mirio over the training, who showed him he still had a lot to improve. Mirio and his companions will also be given a major role in the sequel, so sitting on needles, we look forward to how the lives of our heroes will evolve.

If you haven’t started watching My Hero Academy yet, but are interested in a Japanese anime superhero combo, we definitely recommend it.