MyColorscreen, a social network where the important thing is your Android desktop

Social media there are many and every day we find one under a stone, of course when we find MyColorscreen the thing changes. It is a social network whose content is the desktop wallpapers of its users. Android, well, and from ios too, but those don’t interest us here.

In this social network what it is about is share your desktop background design, with a screenshot, and we have already explained that topic to you how to get it in several articles. You can now share your Android desktop wallpapers on other web pages such as InterfaceLIFT. The difference is that we must also explain how we got it, what are its ingredients and that part is what catches our attention. It becomes a center where you can admire desks with a splendid finish and thus take note of possibilities to improve ours. Who doesn’t like having a proper desk? I remember in LifeHacker something similar is done but with computer desktop backgrounds.

Also, like all social network worth its salt, and following the model of Twitter, his thing is that you go adding people of those who like their proposals, take part in the conversations and raise your desks So what people follow you, in short, create community. I think it is a good place to learn how to improve the appearance of our Android and have a good time.

Official website | MyColorscreen
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