Committing hit-and-run kills looks fantastic in Colombia, a Spyro fan game is being chopped up in Nintendo’s style by Activision, that crazy new Pokémon finally has a name, and Rotterdam has almost been recreated one-on-one by DICE in Battlefield 5. This and more in the Night Watch!

Good morning! Today it is my honor to overload you with tons of news again, so grab a cup of coffee and start reading!

(The guard doesn’t drink coffee at all …)

Mysterious Pokémon from Pokémon GO is called Meltan

Pokémon GO players will have noticed in recent days that there was a new Pokémon to be found that nobody quite understood what it was doing in the game. All you got to see was question marks, and if you caught it, the Pokémon turned into a Ditto. However, in the video below, it becomes clear that the Pokémon is called Meltan and is a mythical Pokémon that does indeed have a bond with Ditto!

Spyro fangame must be taken offline from Activision

Nintendo often gets in the news in a legal way, by ordering fans or hackers to take a game or a website offline. Activision also seems to like this, because the fan-made game Spyro: Myths Awaken must be taken offline in its current state. This fan-made game was an ambitious sequel to the original Spyro trilogy, and now that a remaster of that same trilogy is coming, Activision has decided to call it a day. The developer of the game has already announced that the game will be modified and released, although without Spyro.

You can see images of Spyro: Myths Awaken in the video below.

Playing assassin ticket looks fantastic in Hitman 2’s Colombia

The Guard eagerly anticipates Hitman 2 at the end of this year. The game looks fantastic and with all the content from the first season included, this promises to be a treat for fans of the puzzle murder genre created by the Guard. In the trailer below you can see what it is like in Santa Fortuna, a Hitman 2 map set in always sunny Colombia!

Travel blogger shows with photos how sick real Rotterdam is in Battlefield 5

During the Battlefield 5 beta, the Guard was already very impressed with the Rotterdam map in the game and EA doesn’t seem to have fooled my eyes. The travel blog Together in Transit clearly shows how close Battlefield 5’s version of Rotterdam comes to reality. Check it for yourself in the images below!

Real Life

Battlefield 5

Real Life

Battlefield 5

For more Battlefield 5 shots, check the Together in Transit blog.

Epic Games teases even more of Fornite season 6

Fortnite’s sixth season is about to start! You may not like the game at all or just like the , Epic knows how to keep a PR machine running. Today a new tease has been released, in which a new skin is being teased. Earlier this year, there was already a Wild West rumor about the sixth season and a tweet from Epic also says ‘Saddle Up!’. After golf carts, will we now also see horses in Fortnite? We’ll find out on Thursday when Season 6 kicks off!

GTA Online update brings a fat SUV

There are now a countless number of vehicles and modes in GTA Online and even with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online just around the corner, Rockstar keeps on putting more stuff into the game. You can now purchase this SUV from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos Inventory. There are also a lot of bonuses and discounts, so please log in if you still play this game regularly!

3DS game Monster Hunter Stories now available on iOS and Android

The Monster Hunter franchise is rapidly transforming itself from a niche franchise into a fat triple-A franchise. Where the games were previously only playable on Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter in the form of MH World is an intense success on PS4, Xbox One and PC and Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate is also doing fine on the Switch. Now 3DS game Monster Hunter Stories is also coming to multiple platforms, so you can now play this cool spin-off on your mobile!

Although the game certainly still has real Monster Hunter mechanics, it also gives you a great Pokémon feeling because of the art style and the way you engage in battles. Check out the trailer below and try the game out on your mobile phone!

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is now available on your mobile in the US

Following on from a typical 3DS game like Monster Hunter Stories, we also have to deal with another typical DS game on our mobiles, namely Professor Layton! In the US you can now download The Curious Village on iOS and Android and de Wacht does not expect it to take very long before this is also possible in Europe.

Prima Games makes a thick strategy guide for Smash Ultimate

You have two kinds of people: people who are super hyped for a new Super Smash and people who like it but have no idea what they are doing when they play Smash. Especially for the latter group there is now a thick strategy guide from Prima Games for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The guide will be released on the same day as the game and should ensure that you too can kick in Smash. So Samuel gets competition …

Just Cause 4 trailer introduces new rival for Rico

Just Cause 4, like all its predecessors, is of course completely over-the-top and that is also very well visible in this new trailer, in which main character Rico is explosively introduced to a new rival. The game will be released on December 4th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

The Guard will go abroad for a few days to play with Pokémon tickets. Bye!

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