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Mysterious snowstorms are raging in Fortnite

Mysterious snowstorms are raging in Fortnite

Many think the strange weather may be a precursor to another event, but no evidence has yet been found of this.

Epic Games loves to hide all sorts of clues on the field, often referring to a new event. This, of course, encourages players to keep an eye on the changes on the track to see if they discover any clues as to what the developers are up to. This time, strange snowstorms appeared on the tracks, and the idea arose that the strange weather might have other significance in addition to creating a winter mood.

Anyone who has recently turned on the orbit of Fortnite Chapter 2 may have seen that the sky suddenly darkens, the horizon narrows astonishingly, and the winter swirl breaks at us in the form of a snowstorm. After a couple of pretzels of rampage, the thunderstorm and earthquake subside, but it leaves a snowy landscape behind. The strange meteorological phenomenon can be found in most ways at Fortnite and strikes without any warning.

Players have already begun to guess what the storms may indicate, but so far they have not been able to pair an underlying report with them. The current season ends on the servers in February, so it will be clear at the latest what the developers may have referred to, but of course it is possible that they just wanted to toss up the gameplay a bit.

What was your favorite reference that the developers hid in a video game?

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