It is a festive time of year and the next six weeks of My team in NBA 2K21 They are going to focus on the different ways to get and receive new reward cards, including the first Galaxy Opal players! November has been quite an exciting month for My team thanks to the next-gen release and thirteen 2020 rookies added to the nearly 1000 player cards already available in the mode, but there’s a ton of stuff to cover, so let’s go!

Let’s get to the point:Dwyane Wade Opal Galaxy is the level 40 reward of season 3 !. You are going to support yourself and distribute assists with «Flash», since this card can be chosen as a base when it reaches the quintets later, and it will be the first Galaxia Opal reward card that we see in the fields of NBA 2K21 My team (not counting the evolution of Elgin Baylor). We’re looking forward to the NBA season starting, Domination fans! Wade won two of his rings with Lebron JamesSo there’s no one better than “The King” as a Tier 1 free agent reward to open Season 3. Just go through the Seasonal Agendas menu to pick up this card and start earning XP!

Shaquille O’Neal’s personal challenge

The other ring that Wade won was none other than Shaquille O’Neal, who not only lent us his voice in that piece of trailer to kick off Season 3, but also personally chose his personal challenge of the season. It’s time you put on those ’52 shoes for Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals against the Portland Trail Blazers. In one of the most legendary plays of his career, Shaq towered over the Blazers to smash a soaring alley-oop set by the inimitable Kobe Bryant. Enter the dress code BRYANT-TO-SHAQ to get a free version of Shaq for this challenge, but you can use any version of Shaq to complete his personal challenge or set of Featured challenges.

Exactly, player-based Featured Challenges are back! Take on Triple Threat challenges and 5v5 challenges based on the careers of 5 different NBA superstars. Everyone will have an entry dress code card, but, just like Shaq’s case, these Featured challenges can be completed with any version of these players. However, you won’t be able to resist redeeming the costume codes, because these cards, along with the rewards from the Featured challenges, are part of the puzzle to get another Galaxy Opal.

More Galaxy Opal rewards

Baron Davis will be the second Galaxy Opal player to be awarded as a Season 3 reward! To add “B-Diddy” to your collection, you’ll need to redeem costume codes, complete all Featured Challenges, earn reward players in mode-based calendar groups, or obtain player cards in limited-time events. There are many ways to get new reward players this season, all of which culminate in a Galaxy Opal! To get you started, on Thanksgiving there will be a dress code that will include Ja Morant Diamante. But if you miss the current Rookie of the Year, don’t stress! You will have plenty of opportunities to add it to your collection during the season.

In addition to Wade and Davis, TWO more Galaxy Opals make their debut in Season 3. For starters, Wilt Chamberlain will be the reward for completing the season’s collection. Season 3 releases will take place any day of the week. And each will offer a Pink Diamond card, which is needed to get “The Big Dipper” for the collection. During Season 3 there will also be the last release of series I of IDOLS. Which, as promised in the first MyTEAM trail report, will offer a Galaxy Opal card for completing the collection.

If you already have the Elgin Baylor Domination reward evolved. You could have a full quintet of Galaxy Opals to scare your opponents in Unlimited at the end of the season!

Limited and Unlimited MyTEAM Updates

We continue with Unlimited, in which some adjustments have been made at higher levels in a way that decreases the victory requirements to stay in the level before descending. Limited will continue to condition the quintets. To put them to the test every weekend with the championship rings and other great prizes available after each victory.

Let’s get back to this season’s Pink Diamonds and rewards! If you can grab all 6 Limited Championship rings this season, you’ll have a high-flying Aaron Gordon. Climb the levels of Unlimited and score 12-0 when it is most needed to bring Andre Iguodala home. Legendary Connie Hawkins is available in Rise this season (along with new rewards and packs). You can win the 600th Triple Threat victory to land Michael Finley. And we’ve added Elton Brand to The Exchange (which also includes a Sapphire Derrick Rose!).

12 days of gifts in NBA 2K21

The NBA will begin the 2020-2021 season during Season 3, and we will start the countdown to the beginning with these 12 days of giveaways. Don’t forget to log in every day for a chance to get rare players and guaranteed decoration balls! Yes, the Balls are back and are EXCLUSIVE to all releases during Season 3 – Gift Season. If you want to go for the Flame Ball and the new Holographic Ball, this is your season!

festival of NBA 2K21 My team

Finally, to kick off Season 3, we will be running the MyTEAM festival from Friday, November 27, through Sunday, November 29. For starters, all (yes, ALL!) Of the above packs will be available at some point during this weekend. As well as a few special releases for a limited time that you cannot miss. Plus new dress codes throughout the weekend both in the community center and on the @ NBA2K_MyTEAM Twitter channel. Season 1 and Season 2 Featured Challenges will return over the weekend. To give you a second chance at Rafer Alston and Bill Russell Diamante.

There will also be a rain of chips throughout the weekend. So you’ll have a better chance of winning tokens on all of your MyTEAM victories. Along with the new additions to the rewards market, there will be two new packs available during the weekend in the token market. And we’ll include a MyTEAM festival starter pack that will only cost a few tokens.

It’s Season 3 of NBA 2K21: The season of gifts in MyTEAM. 5 Featured Challenge Sets, 4 Galaxy Opals, nearly 3 dozen new Reward Players, 2 Fancy Ball Sets, and a new NBA season. Enjoy the MyTEAM festival!

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