Unfortunately, the previously announced actor still can’t take on the role.

The Butterflies have been pretty successful on Netflix and the second season is in full swing, so the Geralt, formed by Henry Cavill, may return to the screens soon. In the sequel, we’ll come across quite a few new characters, as he pays tribute to Vesemir and Lambert, for example, but now there’s a monster hunter whose role has unfortunately become vacant and you don’t even know who can occupy it later.

Several of Kaer Morhen’s voices, including Eskel, will appear in the second season, and for a while it was the case that Thue Ersted Rasmussen will play the monster hunter with nasty wounds on his face, whom we’ve already encountered in the CD Project Red games. However, bad news came recently as the actor announced on Instagram that he could not take on the role due to rescheduling due to the coronavirus, so he would watch the second season as a fan instead of butter.

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😥🙏🐺⚔️ #witchernetflix #eskel # covid_19

Posted by Thue Rasmussen (@thuerasmussen) on Sep 23, 2020, 12:29 PM (according to PDT time zone)

It is not yet known with whom Netflix will replace Rasmussen, but hopefully he will be able to find a suitable actor for the role of grumpy butter. Who would you like to see as an Eskel?

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