The battle between streaming providers is intensifying, and while Disney + has produced a strong opening, Netflix’s position is still unshakable.

The recently launched Disney + may have had a very strong opening, and the staggering increase in the number of subscribers suggests that it will not have the particular problem of competing with long-established services. According to a recent survey, Disney + is snatching a good few subscribers off the nose of Netflix, but the company, founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, is forecast to have little to fear.

The number of Disney + subscribers is currently estimated at roughly 24 million, of which purely 1 million are reported to have fished from Netflix’s base. While this is a nice number, it is likely that with the release of The Witcher, the company will bring back a lot of the loss, as they could expand their user base from 158 million subscribers to 166 million by the end of the year. Although there has been some migration among streaming consumers, it appears that the majority of Disney + users – roughly 19.4 million – also subscribe to other services.

There will probably be an even bigger leap in numbers when the Marvel series also start appearing on offer, as they still have a single major exclusive title, and The Mandalorian has already exceeded expectations (you can find our critique here for the latest part). It also nuances the picture that Disney’s service is not yet available everywhere (not even in Hungary, for example), so the expansion is likely to gain more subscribers.

For the time being, these surveys are based on estimates and external data, and we will only get a real picture of the streaming war when companies publish their quarterly reports.

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