Netflix estimates that its new subscription with advertising should reach nearly 40 million spectators worldwide by Q3 2023. At least that’s what the streaming platform told advertisers in an internal document seen by The Wall Street Journal. As a reminder, the launch of this offer would be scheduled for November 1 in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Netflix expects 40 million unique viewers

Despite its recent setbacks, the video-on-demand giant is waiting 4.4 million unique spectators, including 1.1 million from the United States, for the end of the year. According to its projections, this figure should increase until reaching the 40 million unique viewerswhose 13.3 million in the United States, at the end of September 2023. If this number seems so high, it is because it takes into account the presence of several people on a single account.

For now, Netflix seems confident of success of its new subscription formula, but a source close to the subject indicated to the Wall Street Journal that these forecasts were likely to change. A company spokesperson stated that “Netflix is ​​only early stages of thinking on how to launch a lower priced, ad-supported subscription.

In addition to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany, the Californian company plans to launch this service in Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Italy and Australia.

Advertisers ask questions

netflix expect a lot from this subscription to recover the subscribers she lost during the first two quarters of the year. To diversify her income, she is ready to sell at gold price the advertising spaces of its platform. At the end of August, she demanded from advertisers $65 per 1,000 people affected. This is 3 times more than average industry rates.

Although many advertisers are ready to pay such a sum to conquer the Netflix audience, inaccessible for years, some express their displeasure. They don’t appreciate that the world’s streaming leader is planning to limit where ads will be displayed on the platform. Also, no third-party company is going to make sure that advertisers get their money’s worth. Gray areas to be clarified before the next launch of the offer in November.

Netflix: All the programs not to be missed arriving in October on the platform!

Indeed, the Netflix streaming platform has planned many new programs that will keep you busy throughout the month of October. So, to start, you can discover an exclusive production signed Netflix.

This is the film, The School of Good and Evil, which is already eagerly awaited by all subscribers to the platform. The latter will take place in a magical and fantastic universe. Thus, you will discover a somewhat special school that will welcome all your favorite fairy tale characters.

The latter will then learn to do good, or on the contrary, to do evil. This film should appeal to young and old alike. You can discover it from October 21 on the Netflix streaming platform.

The cabinet of curiosities, a strange and mysterious new series not to be missed

If you are a fan of TV series but have already watched all the ones available on the Netflix catalog, then we have very good news for you. Thus, it turns out that next October, a brand new series will appear on the streaming platform.

It is then the program, The cabinet of curiosities. The latter was produced by the famous director, Guillermo Del Toro. This is a strange series full of mysteries. You will then be able to discover it on all your screens from October 25th.

This is a series that not everyone will be able to watch. Indeed, it may frighten sensitive souls. This series will be divided into eight episodes, each independent of each other. It will then be eight tales all more frightening and macabre than each other.

Something to make you shiver and allow you to prepare for Halloween as it should be. If you can’t fall asleep anymore, you’ll know exactly why!

The midnight club, an exclusive program to discover in October on Netflix

Horror and mystery fans will be in the spotlight during the month of October. Indeed, to prepare for Halloween as it should, the Netflix streaming platform has decided to use drastic measures. In addition to the series, The Cabinet of Curiosities, another scary and mysterious program awaits you on the platform. Thus, you will soon be able to discover the series, The midnight club on all your screens. The first season of this program will be available from October 7 on the Netflix streaming platform.

Netflix subscriptions: which plan is right for you?

Netflix is ​​constantly in the news. Between a new price increase during the month of August, experiments concerning account sharing and the upcoming implementation of a subscription integrating advertising for less, the American streaming service never ends more to talk about him.

What is certain is that with the proliferation of streaming services, it is necessary to choose your level of subscription carefully according to your desires and especially your wallet, the monthly bill is likely to climb quickly. Fortunately, it is also possible to lower prices with a few tricks, Internet operators being fond of bundled offers with a key subscription. Note that if Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service on the market, it is also the most expensive.


Pending a potential overhaul of its offer with the integration of advertisements, Netflix currently offers three subscription plans for its service, all with distinct characteristics depending on price positioning.


This is the entry point for accessing the service. For this price, you will of course be entitled to the entire catalog, but limited to 480p (SD). It’s a minimum, a package that is mainly aimed at people who don’t care much about video quality or who consume SVoD mainly on mobile. The Essential package is also limited to a single screen simultaneouslyso it is not indicated whether you want to share your subscription with family or friends.


It is the intermediate subscription which offers a much more advantageous quality of service. For this price, we are entitled to image quality up to 1080p (Full HD) with the ability to share your account with two screens simultaneously. A package designed above all for families and couples.


Here is the most expensive, but also the most complete package of Netflix’s overall offer. For this price, we are entitled to the highest image quality, up to 4Kwith support for HDR and Dolby Atmos for compatible content. This plan is perfect for movie lovers who want the best possible quality (for streaming). It will also be ideal for sharing with family and friends since it is possible to have up to four screens simultaneously with the same viewing quality.


If the prices are fixed from the official Netflix platform, there are still several ways to lower the bill and in particular through the offers of Internet box operators.


If it was still possible before to take advantage of a 30-day trial period by subscribing to Netflix, this is unfortunately no longer the case today. On the other hand, it is quite possible to be reimbursed for your subscription within a period of 7 days. This is the legal right of withdrawal, but you still pay the first monthly installment.

Netflix expects 40 million viewers for ad-supported tier by end of 2023

With the new level of advertising support, users will receive four minutes of advertising per hour.

Netflix has estimated that its next ad-supported subscription plan will reach around 40 million viewers worldwide by the third quarter of 2023, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The company expects 4.4 million unique viewers worldwide by the end of the year, including 1.1 million from the United States. Those numbers will rise to 40 million worldwide, including 13.3 million in the United States, the WSJ said, citing a document shared with ad buyers.

Netflix’s screenings for advertisers covered a dozen launch markets, including Brazil, Mexico, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Korea, Spain, Italy, Australia and Canada.

Netflix told the Journal that it is still in the early stages of launching its advertising arm and that no final decision has been made.

The streamer has already chosen Microsoft as a partner for the ad-supported next tier.

Netflix plans to sell 15- and 30-second ads that would appear during pre-roll and in the shows themselves. Ads will be limited to approximately 4 minutes per hour, much less than on TV.

Netflix’s new ad-supported tier will cost subscribers between $7 and $9 per month.

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