The month when it’s socially acceptable to lock yourself in, snuggle under a blanket and snuggle in front of the TV is here! Of course you can use some Netflix watching tips with that, and the honor is this month Marvin to provide that for you. Featuring Prison Break, Mowgli and more!

Prison Break Season 5 – December 1

Wentworth Miller is hanging his ice-cold weapons and fur-collared coat on the coat rack this month. Because after several seasons in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, he returns to the series that brought him TV fame: Prison Break. Remarkably, the same goes for his Prison Break brother, actor Dominic Purcell, who of course also returns to his old role of Lincoln Burrows. While Season 4’s ending seemed pretty definitive, the writers have found a way to keep the brothers walking around alive for several years after. And those guys can breathe for less than five seconds before the figurative poo hits the fan.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 5 – December 1

I almost didn’t include the fifth season of Brooklyn Nine Nine in this list. After all, the fifth season has been out for a while on other channels and with series like Travelers, The Ranch and a documentary a la Dogs of Berlin there are plenty of other things to record. But none of those things I intend to watch more than once, whereas Brooklyn Nine Nine does. Anyone who has not yet started the sitcom can do so immediately, because it is one of the funniest in years. So funny that the sixth season was picked up by NBC earlier this year, after massive fan insistence (read: reposting Brooklyn Nine Nine memes). This season also has a lot of fun waiting, including the day you knew was coming – the wedding of Jake and Amy. Oh, and Terry Crews will be there too, of course.

Mowgli – December 7

The month of December is not complete without a family movie, and we get it this year in the form of Mowgli. The live-action remake of this classic story is a lot more bleak and dark than you’d expect if you’ve only seen The Jungle Book, but that probably makes it worth watching. And otherwise it is special enough that Andy Serkis, the man who brought Gollum to life, makes his directorial debut (and plays Baloo) in this Netflix original. The cast is completed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett, among others.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 8 – December 14

Occasionally there are those ‘children’s series’ that are clearly aimed at adults, and are clearly made with a lot of fun by adults. Voltron: Legendary Defender, a remake of classic ’80s anime series, is one of them. Anyone walking around at Dutch Comic Con this weekend will undoubtedly come across some Voltron cosplayers, after all, there is no lack of popularity. But if you haven’t even seen an episode yet, now’s your chance. On December 14, the eighth and final season of the series will drop again, and that promises a great deal of action, drama and humor.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinters Tale – December 14

Finally, a real Christmas special! Since Star Wars started working with the concept, half the world has spontaneously gagged at the word, and very few series manage to deliver a nice Christmas special, but there is another attempt. And let’s face it, if anyone seems right for it, it’s Sabrina. An excellent mix of supernatural mystery and teen drama with an eternal battle between good and evil, and that under the light of a Christmas tree? Come on!

Editorial tip from Laura: Bodyguard

In a long time I haven’t stalked so many people saying: Netflix, Bodyguard, go watch it! Unfortunately, most people then started singing Whitney Houston (which not everyone can do well and which is wrong), because that is The Bodyguard. Looks nice too, but BBC series Bodyguard is really something different. It is blood-curdlingly exciting, compelling and also responds well to current events. Jed Mercurio makes this series, which centers around an ex-soldier who has to protect a politician with a rather controversial opinion. Mercurio previously worked on Line of Duty and Bodies.

It is very nice to see Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden again, after his very tragic end as Robb Stark. The Red Wedding is one of the most talked about TV moments of the past decade. I was impressed by that, but I am also impressed by the last episode of Bodyguard. The build-up is great, thanks to the nervous way in which you are taken into the brain of protagonist David Budd and his fight against terrorism, as well as against his family falling apart. An impressive edge-of-your-seat series, so watch it!

The good news this week was that a second season of Bodyguard is coming. I can not wait!

What are you watching in the upcoming cold weeks? Drop your tips in the comments!

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