Netflix’s spectacular movie trailer puts a new twist on superhero cinema

On Netflix have stepped on the accelerator pedal with ‘Project Power’, a movie about which we hardly knew anything until yesterday its first images were released and now the platform has just released the spectacular trailer of this film that gives a twist to the superhero cinema.

The drug that gives superpowers

The plot of this new Netflix original production is based on the discovery of a drug called Power that for five minutes gives a random superpower to whoever uses it. New Orleans’ crime rate is skyrocketing as a result, and an unlikely trio will go to any lengths to stop their makers.

Only that premise already sells the film, but it also does not hurt that the two protagonists of the function have the faces of Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The little known Dominique Fishback completes the starring trio of ‘Project Power’.

‘Proyecto Power’ part of a script written by Mattson tomlin, a Romanian screenwriter who has also collaborated on the highly anticipated ‘The Batman’. Here those in charge of bringing their work to fruition will be Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, the duo of filmmakers who directed ‘Nerve, a game without rules’.

The next August 14 We can see ‘Project Power’ on Netflix.