Never give up! Ash and Pikachu finally win the Pokémon League

It is worth remembering the beginning of everything. With the dream of being the greatest Pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum did not have a good start on his journey, losing the chance to catch an initial creature due to a delay and only a rebel Pikachu left. After a difficult period to strengthen the bonds with his new friend, the novice trainer went through many trials, many difficulties, defeats and even persecutions of a certain criminal group, all this to never abandon his goals.

A lot of training and companionship turned Ash and Pikachu into best friends, inseparable, taking them to the most important point of the journey: the difficult Kanto League, the first professional League that could take the coach to the top. However, to Ash’s unhappiness, his elimination occurs early, in the round of 16.

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And finally, after 20 years and five unsuccessful attempts in Pokémon League, the trainer is rewarded for all his efforts, his discipline and his persistence in never waning, always focused on his biggest dreams. The protagonist of one of the most beloved series in the world was champion of the Alola tournament, in the episode “Birth! The Alola Champion !!”, broadcast on September 15 in Japan for the 22nd season of the series: Sun & Moon.

A very important moment in the franchise, perhaps the most awaited by all fans around the world, the victory was widely celebrated on social networks, including director Junichi Masuda, who celebrated a lot and thanked the fans, in addition to several other appearances in press vehicles, disclosures shopping mall and several others.

After more than a thousand episodes, finally a fair outcome for our hero.