New Arkham Knight PC Patch Does Not Fix Game Issues Yet – Article

Warner Brothers has released a new patch for the critically acclaimed PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, fixing a number of minor bugs and preparing support for other DLCs, but above all promising better handling of VRAM to reduce frame-rate snaps. ‘. Could this be, finally, a complete solution to the serious game streaming problems?

New tests performed on the recent update reveal minor improvements, but the underlying issues remain the same. There are a couple of fundamental problems in the PC version, mainly related to Arkham Knight performance with 2GB video cards. The VRAM allocation system requires lowering the texture quality to low to eliminate clicks and slowdowns, a situation that is not at all acceptable.

There are few alternatives on a Radeon card, but with Nvidia 2GB hardware they seem to produce better results. By adopting a limit of 30fps it is possible to increase the quality to levels equivalent to those of the console versions and enjoy a fairly stable gameplay, even with shadows and textures set to normal.

The 30fps limit offered by the game is not particularly valid, but you can use the half-rate adaptive sync from the Nvidia control panel or, alternatively, the limit of Nvidia Inspector (with triple buffering enabled). In our experiments, the second option produced slightly smoother gameplay in the sections with the Batmobile, with the added benefit of the lack of tearing. The game supports adaptive sync between options, but the results are not on par with those achieved via the GPU control panel.

Looking back at our previous tests, it appears that improved VRAM handling may have eliminated some of the jitter that occurs with 2GB cards when the game drops below 30fps, but the fact remains that Arkham Knight on PC still requires a complete handling overhaul. of VRAM and not small incremental improvements, and that brings us to the second big problem of the game.

Even after a third patch promising performance improvements, we’re unable to run Arkham Knight at stable 1080p60. We tested the game again with a GTX 970, this time paired with a Core i7 6700K and 16GB of 2666MHz DDR4 RAM. Jerks are still fairly common, even though GPU utilization hovers around 75-85%. These drops seem to be due to VRAM-related streaming, as bringing texture quality from high to normal seems to improve the situation. What doesn’t convince us is that we shouldn’t have any particular problems, because according to the game’s VRAM allocation indicator, 4GB should be more than enough to run the maxed title at 1080p.

In conclusion, some improvement is better than nothing, and the game should not be considered a total failure. The quality of Rocksteady’s work is still visible, provided you have a configuration up to it. The problem is that PC gaming is based on the concept of adjusting the gameplay experience to your hardware, but after the recent news that the developer has abandoned support for SLI and Crossfire, it is clear that the possibilities to customize Arkham Knight in the way that best suits your PC are much more limited than they should be.