One of the screenwriters in Star Wars: Underworld, which finally landed in the trash, told me about what it was like to work on the series and how sad it all ended.

When George Lucas sold the Star Wars rights to Disney, a number of promising projects in the pipeline, including series and games, landed in the trash. To hurt the hearts of the fans even more, the people working on them from time to time dig up a picture, recording or account from the old days, so now we can learn some details about Star Wars: Underworld, for example.

A few test shots came out of this recently, which showed a bit of what kind of mood we could have expected from the series. Now Ronald D. Moore talked about what it was like to work in a screenwriting staff:

“I was one of many, because then a lot of international writers gathered … We would have met at Skywalker Ranch every 6-8 weeks. We brainstormed the ideas together and then wrote some sketches, reviewed them again, this time with George Lucas and new sketches and stories came … It was great and a lot of fun. “

He said the original plan eventually didn’t fully materialize as the scenarios began to be developed, but after a while Lucas said it was enough as he had to figure out how to implement them. And a year later, it occurred to them that Disney had meanwhile bought the company, which was a huge disappointment. Regardless, Moore loved this job.

“It was a grandiose venture. I don’t know anyone else who would have dared to commit to this, but George said ‘write as big as you want, we’ll figure it out.’

In light of this, this scenario may have been truly outstanding. We’re very curious to see what would have been baked out of Star Wars: Underworld in the end, but these concepts are likely to remain locked away in one of Disney’s basements forever.

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