A few days ago we talked about Saw Killer Arrival to Dead by Daylight, the news was accompanied by a teaser showing what appeared to be the iconic doll.

Behavior Interactive has shown a new trailer where it shows more details, in this trailer it is revealed that it is finally the adversary with a pig mask that stars in this DLC.

In the new trailer we can see many more details of the abilities of the character that will try to survive (David Tapp) and that we specify below:

  • Tenacity: more speed of action and recovery
  • Detective Intuition: ability to discover targets more easily
  • Surveillance: approaching the killer grants determination.

Refering to psychopath:

  • Executioner’s Trick– prevents tampering and permanent damage to Hooks
  • Supervision: The Auras of the last generator to regress are revealed
  • Make your choice– When the survivor rescues a person within 24 meters of the murderer, he will have to face a skill check that, if he fails, will damage him.

This DLC can now be purchased for € 6.99 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We leave you the trailer:

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