New Harry Potter game to be released next year on PS5 and Xbox Series X

2021 will be a magical year!

A new Harry Potter game is being developed by Avalanche Software (Warner Bros. studio). The game will be revealed in August this year and will be released in 2021 on PS5 and Xbox Series X. The information was confirmed by Bloomberg in its most recent story.

Check out some of the rumors about the title:

  • You will be able to create your character, choosing the genre. You will be a fifth year student transferred from another School of Magic. Your origins will be defined in this menu and part of those choices will determine which House you will enter.
  • History will allow you to complete your degree and play until your first year as an Auror.
  • Each of the Houses presents its own line of missions. Although it does not allow you to join the villain, there is a system of Karma and you can make good or bad choices. Your choices can result in the death of important characters.
  • The game has five very detailed skill trees that allow for a number of different approaches to combat. If you make evil decisions more often, you will be able to learn more powerful spells.
  • Some famous characters in the saga, like Harry Potter himself, will appear at certain times in history.
  • A reimagined version of the Shadow of War Nemesis system will be present in the game. The system will generate Rivals for the protagonist wizard, allowing him to duel and earn rewards.
  • The missions as an Auror were inspired by LA Noire.
  • At some point in history, another character will become playable. The leaker claims he believes he is the main villain, however, he was not sure about that.
  • There is a “party” system where companies can receive commands during the mission. It is also possible to build relationships and get married at the end of the game.

Now we have to wait until August to see official information about the game.