Heavy Metal Machines, car battle MOBA created by the Brazilian company Hoplon, started its second season of Metal Pass, the game’s progression system, and with it, brought a new character and various cosmetic items based on abyssal monsters.

The Into the Abyss update, the start of the second season of Heavy Metal Machines, is now live. The biggest news is the inclusion of Stargazer, a new character that offers a new dynamic to the game because of his ability to teleport.

From the Support class, Stargazer is responsible for repairing teammates, recovering their health. The character is inspired by the first African-American astronaut, Mae Carol Jemison, and is codenamed Jada Jemison. In the game, she is a young woman who was chosen to take a group of children to a special station and must stay there until she is assured that the Earth has returned to a safe place.

The second season of the Heavy Metal Machines Metal Pass, called Into the Abyss, is inspired by the works of the writer HP Lovecraft and, therefore, some cosmetic items based on abyssal creatures and water sports, inspired by the monsters created by the author, were included.

Heavy Metal Machines can be downloaded for free on PC. To learn more about the game, click here.

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