At IFA 2022 in Germany, HONOR announced the HONOR MagicBook 14. A compact and powerful laptop with enhancements focused on better performance and battery life. The laptop is powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12500 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050, enabling fast performance for work, study and play.

Honor MagicBook 14, renewing a beast

The Honor MagicBook 14 has a 75 Wh battery with fast charging capabilities. Its 135W charger can take the laptop from dead to 100% in 80 minutes and deliver 3.5 hours of work in just 15 minutes of charging. According to Honor, your new computer offers 17 hours of work or 15 hours of local video playback at 1080p.

Another highlight of the Honor MagicBook 14 is a modern 3:2 display with thin bezels, 1440p resolution, 300 nits brightness and 100% sRGB. It also has a full-size backlit keyboard and a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button.

Honor Pad 8: a great Android tablet at a tight price

Well known for its smartphones and laptops, Honor has just marketed the Tab 8, a large 12-inch Android tablet with a very attractive price/quality ratio. The first of the brand to be available in France.

Separated from the giant Huawei since 2021, Honor feels growing wings. Unlike its former parent company, the brand is not subject to American sanctions: it can thus use Google’s services without constraints and continue to produce smartphones and tablets without forcing its users to take detours to take full advantage of their device. And for this new school year, Honor is stepping out of its usual territory by offering an Android tablet for the first time in France – a range of products hitherto reserved for the Chinese market. And the Pad 8 – that’s its name – does not lack assets to seduce, with a beautiful 12-inch LCD panel, a flattering finish, a very reasonable weight and practical functions with the in-house Magic UI software overlay, the all at a contained price.

Honor Pad 8: a tablet cut out for multimedia

For its entry into the French market, Honor has chosen to offer a serious mid-range tablet, with solid technical characteristics and a wise price. And, without competing with the otherwise more expensive high-end models from Apple and Samsung, the Tab 8 immediately makes a good impression. Thus, if the borders of the screen are a bit conspicuous – which is not really a defect, since it avoids accidentally pressing on the screen when it is held in hand – its flat sides recall the design very appreciated by iPads, which is not unpleasant, especially since it benefits from an aluminum alloy body. Its large size does not prevent it from being comfortable in hand: it is thus rather thin (only 6.9 mm thick) and quite light (520 g), which remains reasonable for this size.

In fact, despite its name, the Pad 8 (the 8 corresponding to the 8th generation) has a large screen (12 inches) based on a beautiful 2K LCD panel (2000 x 1200 pixels). A very comfortable definition, suitable for both web browsing and streaming video viewing. Moreover, under its hood, the Tab 8 embeds a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 octa-core processor – a SoC which equips many recent smartphones, such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, the Oppo Reno 7 or the Samsung Galaxy A23 – supported by 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. A configuration which opens wide the doors of multimedia to comfortably read films for example. To make a difference in this field, it even has eight speakers and Hi-Res Audio certification. Honor has added its two cents to it with its Histen technology, which simulates sound spatialization. In short, the Tab 8 promises to be well suited to video evenings on the sofa. Especially since it has a battery with a comfortable capacity of 7250 mAh, capable of ensuring, according to the manufacturer, 10 hours of streaming video playback. It even comes with a fast charger (22.5 W).

But one of the major assets of the Pad 8 is its software overlay, Magic UI 6.1, which is superimposed on Android 12. Indeed, it has an original and practical multi-windowing mode which makes it possible to display and simultaneously up to four windows open on the screen, while managing their size and position, much like on a computer. A real plus in daily use compared to conventional mobile devices which are most often satisfied with a single full-screen application. And still in terms of the interface, it offers an electronic book mode that switches the display to black and white with an anti-blue light filter: a very practical function for reading e-books and transforming the Pad 8 into a reader. On the other hand, if it is well equipped for multimedia and relaxation, the Pad 8 will not be comfortable with demanding games for which its performance will be somewhat limited.

As we can see, the Pad 8 does not come to hunt on the land of iPads, but rather places itself in the field of good quality new generation Chinese tablets, such as the Oppo Pad or the Xiaomi Pad 5. Already available, it is also sold at a very reasonable price, around 350 euros in the 6 GB – 128 GB version – much more accessible than Apple’s prices… Last important detail, Honor indicates that the Pad 8 will benefit from two years of updates major system updates and three years of security updates. Enough to ensure a decent lifespan.

Honor Magicbook 14, the ultraportable with a discreet look that promises endurance and gaming performance

Under its classic ultraportable format all dressed in gray, Honor’s Magicbook 14 2022 hides a Geforce RTX2050. A dedicated 3D chip from the “plus plus” range that allows this laptop to play all titles. While promising autonomy of up to 15 hours of local video playback. Too good to be true ?

Are you looking for an ultraportable PC that has the look of a “business” laptop but with enough punch to play all your favorite video games without flinching too much? Honor seems to have a machine worthy of your consideration. Her name ? Magicbook 14. Yes, an uninspired name since it seems that all Honor machines have the same name. In honor’s defense, this machine is sold equipped in a “classic” way all over the planet with a single Core i5. Except in Malaysia and France, two countries which have decided to market its “exotic” version, which integrates a dedicated GPU in addition to its processor: the Nvidia RTX2050.

From the point of view of the cabin, the Magicbook 14 is a classic from classic, yet another Macbook-style chassis (a little heavy: 1.58 kg) that has been found for generations at Huawei and Honor – separated since two years, but with a similar initial DNA. Among these “genes”, some that we really appreciate like a well-defined 2.1K screen (2160 x 1440 pixels) but above all offering a 3/2 ratio, ideal for working. As an “engine”, Honor obviously chose a 12th generation Core, but neither an ultraportable version (U), nor a classic range (P): a Core i5 12500H, H being the brand of more efficient chips. Benchmarks give it roughly 20-25% more power than an i5-1240P, but also more potentially more energy-intensive. This does not seem to be the case here since according to our information, the TDP of the Intel chip would be limited to 25W, like the P versions (but with additional boost potential).

RTX2050 under the hood

In addition to 512 GB of SSD and its 16 GB of RAM (soldered, sorry), the real specificity of this machine is therefore its Nvidia RTX2050 GPU. A chip whose heat dissipation is set at 45W – giving a total of 70W, which explains the 135W charger delivered – and which would be slightly higher than a GTX1650. But more modern in its design (Ampere against Turing for the GTX), which gives it access to DLSS in particular.

If we have never encountered this graphics chip in any test machine so far, there are however interesting video tests on YouTube. Coupled with a slightly less efficient processor (Core i5 1240 instead of the Core i5 12500H here), the RTX2050 4GB seems to offer good performance. In CyberPunk 2077 (low 1080p, DLSS Quality enabled), it averages 70 fps. In Elden Ring at maximum quality (1080p) it sends an average of 54 fps, in God of War (default 1080p, DLLS Quality) more than 50 fps and 55 fps in Far Cry 6 (1080p Medium ).

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