It took two days for the iTunes version 7.4.1. The reason is a post that appeared yesterday in Macrumors with some instructions provided by Cleverboy to add ringtones to the iPhone without having to go through the box.

As he pointed out, the difference between the songs and the ringtones created from them is only the extension. Ringtones end with the extension “.M4R”. So Cleverboy gave us the following method to create them easily.


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  • We duplicate the file that we want to use and we change the extension to “.M4R”. Then we add that file to our iTunes library.

  • We connect the iPhone and within iTunes we go to the Ringtone section. The created tone should appear there. Now we only have to synchronize and that’s it.

  • But now this simple hack does not work with the new version, so if you are one of the lucky owners of an iPhone, either you do not update to the new version or take the opportunity to load all the ringtones you want before updating.

    Thanks to all for notifying about the update!

    More information | MacRumors

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