New Nintendo Direct should happen later this month

What new Nintendo Direct will bring what news?

Both the Sony as for Microsoft are in full swing, revealing details and games from the next generation consoles. Nintendo seems to be standing in her corner, but apparently it’s getting ready for a new Nintendo Direct this month.

At least, that’s what Pokémon expert KeliosFR is saying on ResetEra and Twitter. Kelios, who correctly revealed the March Direct Mini earlier this year, went to the ResetEra forum to share information about a possible “regular” Nintendo Direct this month.

According to the informant, Nintendo is planning to air a new direct broadcast around July 20. As with all rumors, nothing has been confirmed. For a long time, several “insiders” claimed to know new broadcasts, with most of them not being shown.

The last Direct aired in March this year. This Mini Direct focused on Bioshock, XCOM 2, Borderlands and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.