Since it was released it has not stopped releasing improvement patches. The commitment of your development team is total. Since 2018 it is the third and the sixth since its launch on December 12, 2017.

This update offers game improvements and some game performance fixes. Here are the characteristics:


– Auto-run function has been added (while standing, double click on L3 activates it)
– Players can now drop the weapon equipped with the Y button when the inventory screen is active
– Grenades can be cycled again by pressing right on the pad
– Players can now cancel requested actions while the inventory screen is active


– More optimizations and crashes fixed


– The controller guide (command) has been updated

Fixed bugs

– The buildings around the military base have adjusted their collisions
– The shake of the camera while we are a passenger in a vehicle has been reduced
– The modeling of our character in the inventory returns to its normal position
– Fixed a camera issue created by unintended peepholes and interactions with free view
– The “A” button will no longer refresh the results screen
– Team UI will now correctly display teammates’ direction even at long distances
– Changes to the markers on the players ‘map will be applied correctly to their teammates’ maps
– Fixed an issue where switching to grenades under certain conditions would leave players with nothing in their hands
– Adjusted the position of players when exiting vehicles and parachute

What do you think of these improvements? Have you noticed the difference?

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