Yesterday we brought you the news of how Pokémon Go is celebrating its particular Chinese New Year. And it seems that with this they have not had enough, since a new and important worldwide event has been announced for all players, but Watch out! because it will only last 3 hours.

On February 24, a rare Dragon-type Pokémon can be captured

Niantic has announced that on February 24 all players in the world will be able to capture Dratini, a peculiar and rare Dragon-type Pokémon. This will appear much more frequently over 3 hours, being here in Spain specifically between the 11:00 and 13:00.

This will not be the only thing that you can get during the event, since if during those 3 hours you are able to evolve to its evolution Dragonair in a Dragonite (3rd form), he will learn the ultra-powerful dragon-type attack Draco comet (Draco Meteor). This method can be done with all the Dragonair you have, but only during the 3 hours that the event lasts. Once finished, you can no longer learn that attack.

In addition, during these hours players will get triple the stardust for every Pokémon they catch during the event, so if you’re short on it, hurry to catch Pokémon during those 3 hours.

Lately Pokémon Go is releasing a lot of content for your players. To everything we have told you so far, we must also add the new Team Rocket suits, which by the way, look very good.

Are you going to go out to capture Dratinis on February 24?

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