New silver Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox 360 controller is great for shooters, but for fighting games? Just not. The d-pad is inaccurate and occasionally does not respond as desired, two important factors when it comes to this genre. The alternative for those more dedicated, is to buy a fightpad or a fightstick, depending on the amount of money they want to spend.

But Microsoft seems to have a solution to the problem with the new Xbox 360 controller with a rotating d-pad. The system is simple, rotate 90 degrees and the top, bottom, left and right directions stand out. In theory it works. The d-pad of the previous remote is very loose and it is difficult to know in which direction we are pressing.

And in practice, does it really work? To test the performance of this new d-pad I decided to use Super Street Fighter IV and Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, two great fighting games that require correct timing and precision.

In both games I had no problems executing the special attacks, be it the Astral Finishers from Blazblue or the Super and Ultras from Super Street Fighter IV. The d-pad is hard but has a smooth texture so your fingers are not skinned if you press too hard. The negative point is that the fingers slide easily and even more for those who hold their hands.

The novelty of this new controller is not just an improved d-pad, the analogs have been revised. At first glance they look exactly the same, but when we put our fingers on them we feel a different surface instead of protruding points as with normal controls. This surface is more comfortable for playing shooters and has more grip than the old one.

I also noticed that the concave surface of analogs now has the shape of a cone and not a sphere, a small change that helps to better secure the fingers.

Visually it is very different from what we are used to. The charismatic four buttons A, X, Y and B do not have four very distinct colors, but four different shades of gray. Most of the control is silver with some parts in black, as is the case with triggers. Aesthetically it is beautiful, I just think that the battery case should also be silver instead of black.

In addition to the remote, the box comes with a play & charge kit so you don’t need to use batteries. I had some problems with the battery. One is that it doesn’t fit well on the controller and another is that it wasn’t charging at first. I used the battery from another remote and it worked perfectly. Only after several attempts did the red light come on giving the signal that it was charging.

The improvements of this new command make it a better option than the old one. If you are thinking of buying a new controller for your Xbox 360 this is the best choice. What was good just got better.

The remote called Aberdeen, is for sale at a price of 67.99 ??.