Amazon is betting on game production with the development of the MMORPG New World. Still leaving many of its plans hidden, the company began a closed testing phase of the alpha version of the game, in addition to revealing new images of it.

Amazon Game Studios announced, through its Twitter, the beginning of a testing phase in which participants were chosen randomly from those who signed up on the New World page.

It is interesting that, when trying to access the page to register while in Brazil, the site automatically redirects the visitor to the national version of the store, an indication that this phase is closed only to North Americans. Anyway, the game’s common page can be accessed through this link.

According to Patrick Gilmore, producer of the studio in an interview with the PCGamer website, the idea of ​​inviting only a small group to test the game is because some elements of it are still quite experimental, so they would like to see how players behave in a number small to be able to refine everything before expanding the testing phase.

The studio also released new images of the game, which tells the story of the discovery of a new magical continent, where hundreds of players must fight to be able to dominate and transform into their new home.

New World will be released for PCs, but has no release date yet.

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