News: Ghost of Tsushima enters gold phase, Sucker Punch details the game’s combat and premiere of new video on fighting styles

Sucker Punch announced today that Ghost of Tsushima has entered the gold phase through its Twitter account. The long-awaited title of the authors of the Infamous saga will arrive next July 17 exclusively for PlayStation
In addition, the developer studio wanted to delve into the technical and artistic inspirations of combat in the game, a key piece in this exciting title, in a detailed and extensive conversation with the Official PlayStation Blog.

“Our goal with Ghost of Tsushima has always been to capture the heart of samurai fantasy to transport you back to the days of feudal Japan, and thus experience the beauty and danger of a Tsushima island at war” says Chris Zimmerman co-founder of Sucker Punch.

Zimmerman recounts the process of documenting and creating combat technique, inspired by movies like 13 Assassins. They also tell what problems they have faced to make the combat really immersive and realistic: “We focused on three aspects”, Zimmerman details: speed, accuracy and precision. “We wanted your attacks to be fast. Katanas are not heavy (between 700g and 1.2kg), so fast slashing attacks are at the core of almost all combat styles with this weapon. All the attacks in the game have been recorded with our motion capture camera to realistically represent the speed of the movements. That realistic speed created an interesting problem: the attacks were too fast to capture. “

On the other hand, Ghost of Tsushima today premieres a new part of the video series in which different fans of the title talk about the most striking aspects of the long-awaited Sucker Punch game. In this installment, players talk about the spectacular nature of combat, both following the samurai path and when Jin Sakai transforms into The Phantom. Both fighting styles will bring very different aspects depending on the enemies and situations. Combat becomes art in this open-world action game set in feudal Japan. You can see the rest of the videos on the official PlayStation Blog, where the rest of the videos in the series on the keys to the video game will be published.

We’re thrilled to announce that #GhostOfTsushima has gone GOLD! This is the culmination of years of hard work from…

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