It seems more and more that several next-gen Xbox consoles are in the works and of course Florian discusses the latest rumors in this Feature! In addition, also rumors about the PlayStation 5 and the new DualShock controller.

PlayStation 5 backwards compatible?

Even the biggest PlayStation fanboys will have to give Microsoft respect for its approach to backwards compatibility. On the Xbox One it is simply possible to play Xbox 360 and even Xbox1 games and on the Xbox One X you often also enjoy a more stable frame rate and 4K visuals.

The biggest reason it is not possible to make the PS4 backwards compatible with PS3 games is because the architecture of both consoles is completely different. Due to the use of the Cell chip, the PS3 was very different from PC architecture, in contrast to the PS4, which in turn looks very similar to a PC. Since we have already had quite a few rumors about the specs, we can safely assume that the PS5 will also get the well-known PC architecture, which makes it likely that the PS5 will indeed be backwards compatible with PS4 games.

According to the latest rumors, Sony is now also working on a similar emulator system as the Xbox One X uses, so that PS4 games will soon run ‘automatically’ more stable on the PS5, with a higher resolution. Because of this, games that now run in 1800p and use checkerboard systems would run in native 2160p on the PS5. All makes sense and would be seriously fantastic!

DualShock 5 without a touchpad?

Then a little rumor now about the new DualShock controller! Sony would work on a new version of the controller, which should be released at the same time as the PlayStation 5, despite the rumors that PlayStation 4 controllers would also work on the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, there is not much information about the new DualShock controller. except the touchpad would disappear!

Since the arrival of the PlayStation 4, there has been a touchpad on the DualShock controllers, but we cannot say that it has been used in a genius way in recent years. Sony itself would therefore also be done with it and no longer return the touchpad on the new DualShock for the PlayStation 5.

Multiple new Xbox consoles?

Rumors that Microsoft would be working on several next-gen Xbox consoles are getting more and more persistent. It all started when Phil Spencer, Mr. Xbox himself, made a rather special statement during the E3 press conference. He said that the team that also worked on the Xbox One X is now working hard on the following Xbox consoles. The code word in this case is consoles, so plural. His exact words were:

“The same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming.”

Meanwhile, these rumors have come from multiple quarters, with claims that in addition to Xbox Scarlet, another console is in the works codenamed Xbox Scarlet Cloud. Xbox Scarlet would become a traditional next-gen Xbox, with powerful hardware to play the games on, but Xbox Scarlet Cloud is a streaming box.

Xbox Scarlet Cloud would be a lot cheaper than the normal next-gen Xbox, since it does not contain any very expensive hardware. You can play the same games on it, but in this case you stream the games over the internet, instead of running them locally. According to rumors, Microsoft has even figured out a way to completely fix the lag in streaming games, so there would be literally no difference between whether your console is running the game itself, or whether you are streaming the game. Would the ‘Power of the Cloud’ finally prove itself?

Finally, it seems that Microsoft wants to expand its Xbox Game Pass service considerably in the coming period and even make it mandatory for the Xbox Scarlet Cloud. As a result, you have all new games at your disposal for a fixed amount per month on release date and this seems to be the standard service for the Xbox Scarlet Cloud, in addition to Xbox Live of course. It is all still very vague, but all very interesting. If Microsoft really manages to put a cheap Xbox stream box on the market, in which you can play all games for a fixed amount per month, without any difference whether you run the game locally… Wow!

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