Nintendo Labo – Release Date, Price, Cards, Kits, Switch Games

THE Nintendo Lab is the latest innovation presented by the company responsible for Wii, 3DS and Virtual Boy. In this guide on Nintendo Labo, we will look at the different aspects of this new game: release date, price, the different Labo kits and the various games you can play. Without further ado, let’s move on.

Nintendo Labo – Release Date and Price

Announced through a small revealed trailer, the Nintendo Labo appears to be one of Nintendo’s most innovative products to date, but when will it launch? Nintendo revealed that Labo will hit stores in April 20, 2018. Initially, Labo will have two products: the Robot Kit and the Assorted Kit. THE Robot Kit will cost € 89.99, with the Assortment Kit will be priced at € 59.99. Nintendo will also launch the Nintendo Labo Personalization Set for € 9.99.

What is Nintendo Labo?

To get a more concrete idea of ​​what Labo is, take a look at the video above. Labo consists of a series of cards that you can fold to make buildings and software for the Switch – not only is the toy capable of controlling the console software, but the console is also capable of controlling the toy.

So far, it has been announced that Nintendo will launch two Labo Kits, each of which contains a set of cards and “parts” that will allow you to build a toy or toys. Each kit also includes a game card for the Switch that will give you the possibility to interact with the building and play games.

What ages is the Nintendo Labo aimed at?

Although Nintendo certainly had the intention that Labo would be appreciated by everyone, the information emerged that the target audience would be children aged between 6-12 years.

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

The Nintendo Labo Robot Kit allows you to build a robot outfit and control the robot you see in the game. What you can do in the game is still unclear, but given that this Kit is more expensive than the Assorted Kit – it only includes a toy-con – we assume that the game will be considerably more robust.

Labo Robot Kit Contents

  • Card Sheets x 19
  • Cardboard Sheets x 4
  • Reflective sticker x 1
  • Orange Thread x 2
  • Blue Thread x 2
  • Gray handles (wide) x 1
  • Gray handles (medium) x 1
  • Gray handles (small) x 2
  • Eyelet set (gray) x 10
  • Eyelet set (orange) x 2

Nintendo Labo Assortment Kit

The Nintendo Labo Assortment Kit includes five toy-cons to build and games to play with each one. It is not yet clear how deep each mini-game is. The different toy-cons can be seen in the image above.

Kit Labo Assortment Contents

  • Cardboard sheet x 28 (includes extra sheets for customization)
  • Reflective sticker x 3
  • Sponge x 3
  • Wire (orange) x 1
  • Wire (blue) x 1
  • Eyelet set (gray) x 1
  • Eyelet set (blue) x 1
  • Elastic (wide) x 2 + spare
  • Elastic (small) x 6 + spare

Nintendo Labo Personalization Set

In addition to the game kits, Nintendo will also launch the Labo Personalization Kit, which has items with which you can decorate your other kits and give a more personal touch. If you’ve always wanted to buy Nintendo tape and stickers, you’re in luck!

  • Stencil Sheets x 2
  • Stickers sheets x 2
  • Glue tape rolls x 2

Can I buy replacement kits?

Nintendo has yet to comment on whether new kits can be purchased without the game card (at a reduced price), but it looks like the toy-cons design will be launched so that anyone can have a replacement kit. assuming you have a card available.

Each Labo Kit also contains cardboard and spare parts, so parents can rest easy if Joaozinho destroys the kit moments after taking it out of the box.

Experiment with Labo

Details on what you can do, exactly, with these pre-cut kits and game cards are scarce, but Nintendo said it wanted to “invent new ways to play”. What this means, we have not yet fully discerned. There is a possibility to create a system similar to the one used in LitleBigPlanet with the content created by users, but we will have to wait to find out more information.

On February 15th, Nintendo revealed some videos that explained more explicitly the operation of the different games that you will be able to play together with the card creations. You can see those same videos already below:

At the moment, this is all the information available about Nintendo Labo. Please return to this guide in the weeks to come as we will update this guide as soon as more information about this “game” is revealed.