Capcom announced earlier this year that the first Devil May Cry would arrive on the Nintendo Switch. The day came and the game was released today on the Big N console, and to celebrate the company revealed a final trailer to show the package that awaits players.

Devil May Cry, the first of the franchise, became emblematic for mixing humor, hack ‘n slash combat and a Resident Evil exploration (since the project started as a prototype of Resident Evil 4), becoming unique within the saga. Check out the trailer:

The Devil May Cry version of Switch is the same as the Devil May Cry HD Trilogy, but with only the first game. Unlike Devil May Cry 3, 4 and 5, the first game has more puzzles and more paced pace, but it was the first to kick the franchise and became a classic.

Devil May Cry arrives today, June 25, on the Nintendo Switch for $ 19.99 (about $ 77). The game is not available in the Brazilian eShop and to check the best prices you can consult Save Coins.