Nintendo Switch | More than 52.48 million units worldwide

THE Nintendo Switch it’s still strong. In its recent exercise results report, the company reported that 52.48 million units of the Switch had been sold worldwide on December 31, 2019. These are lifetime sales of the console, launched in March 2017.

The results for the quarter ended December 31 are also quite good. In those three months, the company managed to sell 10.81 million units of the Switch. The software sold in that period totaled 64.64 million units, thanks mainly to high-level titles, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword and Shield and even The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Although Nintendo designed 18 million units of the Switch sold until March 31, 2020, it has now been revised to 19.5 million units. With the next generation of consoles launched on the holiday of 2020, which generally results in a drop in sales for Xbox and PlayStation, it is good to see the Switch keeping up. Stay tuned for more details on the individual sales figures for Switch titles during the last fiscal quarter.