Laura may have definitely recovered from Nintendo Direct last week, but the man in charge of the Weekend Watch today has not yet recovered at all! That is why we immediately start with a Nintendo news!

Good afternoon! Slept well? Great, because today I have some good news about Nintendo Switch Online!

Nintendo Switch Online subscription not required for Fortnite

The rumor has been going on since last summer, but now it has actually been confirmed by Nintendo: you don’t need an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online to keep playing Fortnite! The suspicion was already there, because Fortnite is one of the few games on the eShop that does not mention a future Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Nice bonus for Fortnite players!

Destiny 2: Forsaken raid already reached within 19 hours

When a new Destiny raid comes out, it is always a race against time to see who can get it first. Although it has now taken longer than ever – longer even than the Vault of Glass raid – Clan Redeem can still call itself the first clan to make the Last Wish raid. Recognizing this achievement, Bungie sends the clan a real prize in the form of a pro-wrestling championship style belt.

Below you can see proof that the raid was passed, but watch out for it spoilers!

The first completion of this raid has also resulted in a new opening cut scene for the Last Wish!

FIFA 19 removes ambiguity about chemistry in Ultimate Team

For FUT players, it is the order of the day to match all your players in such a way that your team’s chemistry skyrockets. However, we never knew before what exactly was better in your players, but in FIFA 19 that uncertainty is finally removed. If you now look at the attributes of your players in FIFA 19, you can see exactly which skills the current chemistry level affects. Finally!

By the way, grab the FIFA 19 demo trailer right away!

This trailer shows you how to get started in the FIFA 19 demo, which is now available for download for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch! The full game will be released on September 28th!

All the Final Fantasy news for Nintendo Switch also applies to Xbox One

In last Friday’s Nintendo Direct we saw that there are tons of Final Fantasy games coming to the Nintendo Switch, but now it is clear that this is not an ‘exclusive’ deal. The Xbox One also gets all these games, to be precise Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition, World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10, 10-2 and 12: The Zodiac Age. So even without Nintendo Switch you can get your Final Fantasy cravings in 2019! In fact, the Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy 15 is out now

Multiple Microsoft titles available on Steam starting this weekend

Microsoft announced at Gamescom that it would bring multiple PC games to Steam in partnership with THQ Nordic, including ReCore: Definitive Edition, Super Lucky’s Tale, Disneyland Adventures, Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure and Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal. Collection. The good news? All these games are now available for download on Steam and are also available in stores. Nice!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is coming to Switch in Japan via the cloud

Where in the West we sometimes judge harshly about Nintendo’s online policy and how far behind they are in certain aspects, they appear to be quite progressive in Japan. Previously, Resident Evil 7 was released there via the cloud on the Nintendo Switch and now the same is happening with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Although it is all quite pricey – € 5 per day or € 65 for two years of access to the game – it is made possible. The Guard only wonders why you would be so difficult for a cloud version, if you can also play this game physically or digitally on the PS4 and Xbox One. This is perhaps the reason that we will not see Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in Europe for the Nintendo Switch.

Cyberpunk’s original Night City was tested in Sim City

In Cyberpunk 2077’s 50-minute gameplay reveal, we saw how beautiful the world looked and how the city, Night City, is really alive. The entire idea behind this city, as it is already partly reflected in the tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020, is the result of… Sim City ?! Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the Cyberpunk franchise, grabbed the Apple II, installed Sim City, then looked at how badly he could mess up in the game by recreating Night City. Beautiful things start in strange places.

On this lazy Sunday, let’s check out that long gameplay demo again!

Treyarch is going to do something about team killers in Black Ops 4: Blackout

In the old familiar multiplayer of Call of Duty, team killing is only on in the hardcore mode, but in the new Blackout mode you could in theory also shoot your teammates and even for loot this time. Unfortunately, this happens far too often if you decide to join a squad on your own. Development studio Treyarch has now added this issue to the to-do list: “We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding team killers. Make sure you report them to us so we can use the banhammer, ”Treyarch said on Reddit. Great that this is being seriously looked at for the full release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which will be released on October 12 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So, you are completely up to date again. I’m going to be a hip influencer for a while and then tonight I’m going to work with Lara Croft on my PS4 Pro. Later!